November 2021 – the week of Nov 13-20 has been very difficult for us in British Columbia. Many of our members have been directly affected by the floods, but quilters being people with big hearts, we came up with 15 quilts to give to Victim Services in Abbotsford to deliver where needed. Hopefully we will have more that can be donated as the flood waters recede and we are able to move about.

Community Quilts – Lytton Fire July 2021

When we heard about the Lytton fire the guild was quick to request we send a number of our community quilts to Lytton. One of our members graciously offered to take the 40 quilts up to Lytton.

Kathryn and Johanna will be ending their time with Community Quilts in September to make room for someone else to have a turn. They have done an excellent job of keeping us busy creating quilts for Abbotsford Victim Services, who distribute the quilts as needed, to fire victims, refugees, or anyone in need.