The stage presentation at the Creative Stitches 2016 will be a trunk show of quilts showcasing one or more aspects of the eight features of modern quilts. Guild members are asked to submit examples of their work which showcase these features.

We are looking for:

  • Three to four quilts for each feature
  • Quilt can be any size
  • Quilt could have been displayed at a previous show
  • You may submit one than one quilt

If more than needed are submitted for a category your quilt might be used differently or not at all.  (Not because your quilt is not beautiful – but it  might not fulfill what is needed).

 To submit

  • Email Peg a picture of your quilt:
  • Include an explanation of the features your quilt demonstrates
  • Include a story associated with your piece and/ or your inspiration for the quilt

Process of selection

  • Quilts will be reviewed as submitted
  • You will receive an email with details about when to deliver the quilt and where
  • Include your name and contact information attached to the back of the quilt (names will not used in the presentation)

If we do not have enough in a category, we may end up going to our past photos and then making specific requests.


  • Email to Peg with picture of quilt January 25, 2016
  • Abbotsford Guild presentation early March.
  • Quilts must be delivered to the February Guild meeting


  • Possible drop off spot – Laura Miron’s house (further details will be provided.

Additional info:

  • Write ups for the presentation cannot be done until we know which ones we will be using, the sooner we can actually have them in our hands, the better.
  • Your quilts will be well cared for. We anticipate we will likely have your quilts until after the Creative Stitches show March 18/19.
  • Any quilt submitted for the Trunk Show cannot be displayed elsewhere (including in our show display) or considered for prizes.