First meeting of the FVMQG Sept.16, 2010

Our first meeting held September 16, 2010 at Quilt Essentials was a great success! Next meeting will be Thursday, October 21 2010, check our site for details and upcoming info. Feel free to send us your photos from the meeting and we’ll add them to the show! (View larger slideshow images here.)


The first meeting of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild was a great success! 15 members gathered at Quilt Essentials on Thursday September 16, 2010, to share the love of Modern Quilts and start our group off with much fun and excitement.

We started off with introductions of Lysa and Cynthia to the group, and introduced and thanked our wonderful host, Theresa, of Quilt Essentials.

Next we dived right in to show and tell as a kind of fun introduction to everyone- this is absolutely my own personal favorite part of meetings- seeing what everyone is working on and all the inspiring projects and beautiful quilts and works in progress!

After show and tell, it was break time to chat and shop! Lots of fun and lots of gorgeous new fabrics to admire and add to our stashes! And thank you to everyone who brought yummy treats for the group to enjoy!

Next, we talked about “What is Modern Quilting?”. Many points and observations were discussed:
– doing your own thing
– using modern fabric choices
– doing what you love
– not worrying if it isn’t perfect
– designing your own patterns
– learning new modern techniques
– reworking traditional patterns in a modern style/modern fabrics
– and most importantly, having fun!

There is also a great description here, via the Modern Quilt Guild LA site.

Next we discussed the beginning status of our group or guild. The general consensus was to keep things casual- at least to start- as a “group” as opposed to a formal guild. Of course there are benefits to both, and as we grow and our membership increases we will revisit our status, perhaps remaining as a group but appointing volunteers to handle certain aspects. We’d love to keep it as an open, friendly, casual group where everyone’s suggestions are welcome and valued!

We invite our members to volunteer to share what they love as part of our group:
Do you have a skill or technique you could share with us?

Could you teach or demonstrate to us a quilting method or process- ie: paper piecing? fabric dyeing or alteration? ….?

Do you have a connection to a speaker that could come give our group a presentation?

Have you discovered a new tool, a cool pattern book, a website, a blog, etc. related to Modern Quilting you could share with us? (Thread started here, feel free to share your faves!)

The group belongs to all of its members so the more we put into it, the better and better it will be! We’ve started a thread here on our site so please feel free to add your suggestions and comments for upcoming meetings!

Next we discussed potential projects and involvement in the group.
Participation in the One Million Pillowcase Challenge is only one example of things we could do together as a group, and with the upcoming holidays, could be a fun, and quick, project. We’ve started a thread on the site here if you’re interested in learning more and participating.

Theresa offered to coordinate a first “sew-in” project of a coffee rug, for our October meeting. More details and a “things to bring” list (you must bring your own machine as well) will be posted soon, and we highly recommend members RSVP to the next meeting (via the website) so we can gauge how many machines we can have going at once!

And finally we drew for the “Out the Door” prizes, generously donated by Alisa, Theresa, Cynthia, and Lysa. If you’d like to donate a prize, please feel free to bring to the next meeting(s) and a big thank you to those who donated!

And after a group photo, we concluded the first meeting.
We’re looking forward to the next one- please RSVP via the site- date/event details will be posted shortly. If you have any questions or problems joining the site, please do let us know and we can help!

Also, feel free to post comments or start new discussions on the Forum page. To start a new thread/discussion/topic, click “Post message” on the right side of the screen.

We’re keeping online membership requests moderated- due to spam only. Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier! If you need help or don’t have internet access, please let us know and we can add you as a member to the site. We also have a Facebook group, linked via the main site, feel free to join & share with your friends!

On behalf of the group, we thank you for joining and participating, and look forward to our next meeting in October!
Happy sewing!