June 13, 2019 – Meeting Recap

  • It was a lovely, warm evening with 40 members and 1 guest in attendance!
  • For the first time in our history, it wasn’t cold & raining on TRUNK SALE night and we could have it outside in the parking lot!  We didn’t follow our usual meeting timeline and held the Trunk Sale first.
  • Coffee & treats were ready to go while some visited and some got their SOCIAL MEDIA QUESTIONS answered.  Thank you so much to all the COACHES for patiently sharing tips and insight into navigating Facebook, Instagram and our website.  It was pretty cute to see Johanna use FaceTime for the first time and call her husband who happened to be in Edmonton!
  • Monique, the manager of ABBOTSFORD VICTIM SERVICES came and gave a brief description of what they do with the quilts we donate.  Joanne had 21 community quilts packed up and ready to send with her – 7 adult size, 7 kids size and 7 baby size.  Thank you to Joanne & Katherine for organizing us and to all of you that have had a part in making community quilts.
  • Our MODERN MINI LOG CABIN exhibit on May 30th at the Abbotsford Wine & Art Walk was well received.  We used a display rack built by Ron Isaak to hang the minis which looked great and worked well. Jennifer McEwen from Downtown Abbotsford Business Association said we are welcome back any time.  The exhibit was also appreciated at Tabor Court Assisted Living on June 7 and they also invited us to come back sometime.
  • A road trip to the WHATCOM MUSEUM in BELLINGHAM is being planned for Sunday, July 14 and Saturday, July 27, to see the Modern Quilt Exhibit and take in a lecture.  Details under the Events tab on our Facebook page.
  • Next COFFEE KLATCH is July 6 and will meet at IKEA for breakfast and then go to Fabricanna.
  • Karla gave us an update on NOMINATIONS for guild volunteer positions for next year.  We are still looking for a Vice President, Programs, Anniversary Party (Sept), Christmas Party, Swaps & Challenges, 50/50 Assistant, and Sew In Assistant.  Do any of those interest you? Is this the year you can take a turn at a volunteer position in the guild?  You get the most out of the guild when you get involved.  And keep in mind, volunteers are given the opportunity to go to Green Lake for a retreat!
  • We have 3 SUMMER CHALLENGES on the go.  All are due at the September Guild meeting, September 12.  The minis and the bags will be on exhibit at the Abbotsford Wine & Art Walk on September 19.
    • SUMMER CHALLENGE #1 – Canadian MQG Mini Quilt Swap  Click here to sign up before July 15.  Theme is GEOMETRY. Let Laura Miron know if you sign up.
    • SUMMER CHALLENGE #2 – UPCYCLED “H” BAG from Orange Dot Quilts. Check Facebook Files for details.  See Marilyn or Joanne with your questions.
    • SUMMER CHALLENGE #3 – WORKSHOP UFO CHALLENGE. Finish what you started at a workshop. Every finish is an entry for a prize.  Registration form on Facebook Files.  See Laura Miron with your questions.
  • Terry Aske CIRCLES, CIRCLES, CIRCLES WORKSHOP coming up on Saturday, October 19, $55.  See Laura More to register.
  • Lorna Shapiro 2 day workshop, QUILT DESIGN 101 – coming next spring.  Details TBA.
  • SHOW & TELL began with the mini modern log cabins hanging on the display and followed with a great lineup of inspiring finishes.  Check Facebook for photos.
  • Thank you to Laura Shaw for filling in as PHOTOGRAPHER for Nancy.
  • The 50/50 DRAW was won by Judy Cruickshank with a $20 pot.  We were distracted by the Trunk Sale and change in our meeting routine, so fewer of us bought tickets.  Eileen says we can make up for it next month.
  • The MEET UP & SWAP with VMQG on Saturday was a great success.  About 30 of the 50 participants were in attendance to meet their swap partner and exchange minis.  Lots of good connections made with a very inspiring Show & Tell.  Check our FVMQG Instagram account for photos.
  • July guild meeting is on July 11, 2019 and is our annual SUMMER PICNIC at Fraser River Heritage Park in Mission.  Potluck picnic at 6:30.  Bring food to share and your own plate, cutlery & drinks, and lawn chairs. An evening of visiting and Show & Tell and enjoying the park.

Submitted by: Marilyn I.

May 9, 2019 – Meeting Recap

  • Attendance was an energetic group of 35 members!
  • Lorna Shapiro treated us to an inspiring TRUNK SHOW and set up a great POP-UP SHOP.  Too bad we don’t have a video of it so we can watch it again.  As she showed us some of her work, she explained how she arrived at her design and what she had learned with each piece.  She recognized that her quilts didn’t really fit any one category, though they were somewhere on the modern spectrum. She  encouraged us to find our own style and embrace it. Our work will likely only appeal to 5% of the crowd, but that’s really okay .  There’s always new things to learn so sign up for a class or read a book, but don’t feel like you have to do it just the same as they do.  Take what you like and leave the rest.  Learn to recognize and use colour VALUE to your advantage, it will make your quilts more interesting.  It’s not true that you need to stick to using only 100% cotton in your quilts…go ahead and use a mix of cotton and linen and silk and and wool whatever fabric you want to use.  If you feel stuck with not knowing how to quilt your top, just get started with the part that you do know and the rest will fall into place little by little. You don’t need to know the whole plan before you start, just don’t stay stuck.  You may meet Lorna and her Quilter’s Dream fabric set up at local Quilt Show vendor malls.  Lorna’s website is www.quiltersdreamfabrics.com and you can follow her on Instagram @lornashapiro.
  • Thursday, May 30th from 4 pm – 8 pm is the Downtown Abbotsford spring WINE & ART WALK.  FVMQG will have a display of modern quilts on a wall 22’ long by 8’ high in the board room of the Abbotsford Business Association office, which is the first stop.  We are featuring the modern mini log cabins that some of us made for the swap with VMQG.  If you have yours finished and it’s not handed in yet, please let Marilyn know, we want to display as many as possible.  There are 28 of us that signed up to do the swap.  Bad news is…the tickets for the Wine & Art walk were sold out on the first day.  Good news is…you can still participate in the walk even if you don’t have a ticket, you just won’t be offered the wine & goodies at each stop.  Yay!
  • The “Make A Mini Make A Friend” MEET UP & SWAP with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild is on Saturday, June 15, 2:30 – 4 pm at the Surrey Central Library, Room #405.  ALL guild members are invited to come, even if you did not participate in the swap. Come out and get to know some of our fellow Modern Guild members.
  • We will take some time at the June meeting show & tell to see each of the MINI MODERN LOG CABINS so we can hear what you learned from making it.  Check Facebook to see photos of the ones that were handed in at the May meeting –  they are jaw dropping amazing.  We need to hear about each one!
  • June guild meeting is our annual TRUNK SALE!  An opportunity to sell your quilt & craft related items – fabric, rulers, notions, books, etc.  Tables will be set up around the hall to display whatever you bring.
  • We will also have our FREE TABLE.  You take home whatever you bring that doesn’t get picked up.
  • June guild meeting is your opportunity to get some SOCIAL MEDIA COACHING.  Would you like some one-on-one or small group coaching for Instagram or Facebook or?  For example, help with how to post pictures, how to look for things online, how to find guild information, etc.  Bring your personal device and bring your questions. 
  • June guild meeting is your opportunity to be a SOCIAL MEDIA COACH!  If you are comfortable with using Instagram and Facebook and the web, and would like to share what you know with another guild member at the June meeting, please let Marilyn know.
  • Check out the May SHOW & TELL pictures on Facebook. Thanks for taking the photos Nancy!
  • 50-50 winner was Connie Simington with a $28 pot.
  • Lots of great DOOR PRIZES again!  You are a generous bunch. If you won one, take the opportunity to connect with the person who brought it.
  • Kate announced that we now have 32 people signed up for our 10th Anniversary Quilt RETREAT – October 2-4. 2020 at the Coast Hotel in Chilliwack.  If you haven’t reserved your spot, see Kate at the Membership table.  It is going to be SO FUN!
  • Mark your calendars! Laura More is now taking registration for Terry Aske’s exceptional “Circles” WORKSHOP which will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2019.  Cost is be $55.
  • We had some open discussion about whether we want to host our own FVMQG QUILT SHOW next year. Some of the topics considered were timing, location, budget, volunteer availability, purpose. Conclusion was that a small group should look into more specific details and come back with some recommendations.  If you would like to be part of that small group, please get in touch with Marilyn or Karla.
  • Next Guild meeting is June 13, 2019. 

Submitted by Marilyn I.

April 11, 2019 – Meeting Recap

Attendance was 48 members plus 2 guests for a grand total of 50!  Lots of chatter and connecting. Thursday, May 30th from 4 pm – 8 pm is the Downtown Abbotsford spring Wine & Art Walk and we have been invited to put up a display of modern quilts on a wall 22’ long by […]

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March 14, 2019 – Meeting Recap

It was another fun evening. Attendance was 43.  No guests, no new members and no snow.  Just us.  But we currently have 68 members so we were missing those of you that couldn’t be there.  Almost exactly 2/3 of our membership was there. It is fun to see all the cute nametags.  If you have […]

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