April 8, 2021 Meeting Presentation

Daisy Aschehoug: How I Started Designing Quilts

Part trunk show, part slide show, and part story hour, this lecture contains my life history for the past decade in quilting. I share details on my design inspiration, a walk-through of my digital design process, and describe the how and why of the most important moments in my quilt career – good and bad. You’ll also get sneak peeks at current projects that I’m not posting on social media. It’s a fun hour full of stories and colorful quilts.

March 11, 2021 Meeting Presentation

Berene Campbell: Cracks of Light

March 11, 2021

Berene Campbell is a modern quilt designer whose designs are purpose driven, each with its own story of inspiration behind it, often ins response to social justice issues. She uses her medium to process her thought and feelings about what is going on around her and in current events worldwide. She is a big believer of “leaning into discomfort with love”, and with this in mind has coordinated numerous collaborative community projects to try to make the world a kinder and more peaceful place. To quote her words from her website:

“Quilts hold the spirit of their makers and the secrets of their thoughts pondered while stitching. They are beautiful treasures that provide us with warmth & comfort, but they can do more for us if we so choose. Quilts can be posters for our ideas, messengers of our message and uniters of our communities. They hold great power.”

February 11, 2021 Zoom Meeting Presentation

February 11, 2021 Zoom Meeting Presentation

Bill Stearman: BackPack Show Bill struggled with storytelling as a way to make sense of his life for many years. And then discovered his voice in quilt making. Fabrics and carefully placed stitches express joy, anguish, hope, gratitude, and love, providing glimpses into deep and important stories; stories that matter on personal and social levels. His quilts […]

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January 14, 2021 Zoom Meeting Presentation

Sonya Oblak: Thrifted, Gifted or Free – Using Preowned Fabrics in Quilts. In this presentation Sonya shares… My ‘WHY’ of using thrifted fabrics in quilt making What I look for whenI go thrifting: a virtual shopping trip Trunk Show: My Thrifted Linen Quilts A bit about Sonya… Sonya started quilting 22 years ago. She now […]

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