February 17 Meeting Agenda

Hello all and Happy Valentine’s Day on Monday! I hope you are all feeling the quilt-y love!

We are happy to announce our new website is up and running!
There are some new features, and we’ve done away with forums for now. We also have our own members-only flickr page and group so if you have  a flickr account feel free to send your quilt-y photos to our group:
We will also be starting a Featured Member of the Month, so we can learn more about our fabulous members in a fun way! Let us know if you’d like to be featured or if you’d like to nominate someone.
We’ll also have some guest bloggers, bringing you some fun things- stay tuned!
The current grou.ps site will be disabled at the end of February, so please update your bookmarks.
We are pleased to announce our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 17, 2011, at Quilt Essentials in Abbotsford, 7-9pm. Doors will open at 6:45pm.
We highly encourage you to RSVP via the new website: www.fvmodernquilt.com
if you haven’t already.
As a recap, we introduced a few things at the last meeting:
Scrap swap– if you are participating, please bring your bag stuffed with scraps and tied at the top, no peeking! We’ll put them on the big table and everyone can get ready to grab a new one when we’re all set to go.
Just as a reminder:
– scraps should be at least 2″x2″ or bigger
– good quality cottons/quilting fabrics- no flannels or other materials
– no junk/garbage/waste or anything you wouldn’t be happy to receive and use yourself
Mystery Quilt– Nancy will be presenting the next steps in our Mystery Quilt Project! If you missed the last meeting and would like to participate, check out the left sidebar (below the facebook link) on the homepage of the website for links to the first steps: http://fvmodernquilt.com/
A few important notes:
– **Please bring a folding or extra chair if you have one! Last meeting was a larger group and we need extra seats for everybody!
– Feel free to bring treats to share with the group. Please also bring your own beverage if you wish to have one, and note that all food & drink are to be confined to the classroom area.
– Please keep shopping time to the allowed break time during the meeting.
– If you’d like to donate an “out the door prize” please feel free to bring it & let us know when you arrive! Huge thank you’s to all who donate prizes!
And now for the good stuff!
Agenda for the meeting is:
Member Sign-in
We will also be compiling  a master telephone contact list at this time.
Show & Tell- order will go around the table, show off  any project(s), books, ideas, fabrics, WIPs (works in progress) etc. whether complete or in progress you’d like to share!
Charline has been working very hard on organizing our first Retreat! If you missed our emails in regards or are undecided, our first FVMQG Retreat is planned for March 18-20 at Camp Luther on Hatzic Lake. Charline will be bringing info to present to the group regarding all of the details. Total cost for the weekend is $200, which includes all food and snacks, accommodation, a big room to sew in with our own individual tables/power available all hours- any night owls in the group?- and your choice of a spa service- a half hour massage, a mani, or a pedi provided by Charline’s daughter who is a licensed massage therapist and esthetician.
Please bring the balance owing if you’ve already paid your deposit, or the total payable to reserve your spot and/or discuss with Charline.
Huge thank you to Charline for taking care of all of the organizing and bookings- it will be a fun weekend and we hope you can come!
Break and shopping time
Time to discuss retreat info with Charline if needed
Nancy will present the next steps in our Mystery Quilt Project!
We have unfortunate news regarding the Kenyan Jean Petty Legacy Home Orphanage. Sadly, the organizers have had to close the doors indefinitely- already- due to lack of funding they had been expecting. Cynthia has been in touch with them and they aren’t sure exactly when they will be reopening and proceeding, and cannot arrange shipping our quilts over to them at this time. Apologies were sent to the group on their behalf and they are working towards opening at some time in the  future, funding dependent.
So, instead, we can turn it around and will be discussing suggestions as to any local charities we can donate our group’s baby quilts to.
My apologies as well but I hope we can give our quilts to some local babies and kids in need of a bit of warmth and comfort. ~ Cynthia
Discussion on dues
Our Guild is growing and regular members are valuable and important parts of our group! As part of growth, we’d like to discuss the option of collecting dues from members to cover costs of things like batting, fabric, etc. for group projects, group activities: retreats, speakers, etc. and what it entails. Or, keeping it a casual group and collecting money on an as-needed basis.
We’d love to hear from those who have experience being in a formal guild or group- whether quilting-related or otherwise, pros and cons, and the how-to’s, and whether this would be something our group would like to do or not. There are benefits and drawbacks to the options (formal guild or casual group) and we would love everyone’s input as to what we should do, as a group.
We’ll award the “Out the door prizes” and take a group photo!
Thank you so much for joining the group and we look forward to seeing you all on the 17th!

Sweetheart quilts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

An ode to Valentine’s, the day of  pink, red, flowers, hearts, and every thing sweet! Well, except for maybe the  bow and arrow wielding naked baby image but you get the idea!

Since her sister got one last, a quilt for Cadence.

Since her sister got one last, a quilt for Cadence.

A quilt for Jen.

Then a quilt for Jen, Cadence and Makenna’s Mom.

A Cheille flower detail on Jen's quilt.

A detail on Jen’s quilt,  a chenille flower.

Happy Valentine’s Day and watch out for those naked babies!

Welcome to our new FVMQG site!

We’re very excited to have a new WordPress site for our group up and running. Over the next while, we’ll be adding new content, having guest bloggers, and much more, stay tuned! We’ve moved over most of the existing content from the old site which will be shut down at end of February. You’ll notice […]

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