Paul Krampitz Pick Up Sticks Workshop

So this happened yesterday…

Paul Krampitz came out to teach a workshop for us. This was the quilt that inspired the workshop, called Pick up Sticks.


First, Paul started off with feeding us photo’s of inspiration to get our motors running. He also brought some of his designs as well. Like this one.


And this one.


Next Paul walked us through a demo, showing us the basics of the block.



Here are a few of them together.


After we each made a block, it was a free for all! Everyone worked on their own blocks and came up with incredible designs.

Here are Lynn’s blocks…


…and Laura’s blocks. Geez Louise she’s a fast sewer, I think she might already be done her quilt all ready!


Judy, happily worked away on her quilt!


This was Jean’s fabric…


… and this is what she did with it! Only 999 more blocks to go right Jean?! Just teasing but I think she said she was going to make 72 blocks in total or was it 42? Well, it was A LOT! It’s going to be fabulous though!


Helen had some lovely colours going on too!


Hi Helen!


Bonnie was working on some really interesting blocks. See how some strips go under and how some strips go over! A- Maz-ING!


Barb also was doing some really interesting blocks too! I can’t wait to see the whole tree quilt together. It’s going to be a stunner!


I decided I’d make snowflakes. I thought this technique would lend it’s self well to wonky snowflakes and wonky is what I got! I think paper piecing might be a better way to go with this design but I’m so glad I took the class and learned this technique. That in it’s self was invaluable!


Thanks so much Paul, we all had a great time!


If you’d like to check out more of Paul’s work or workshops, you can find him through his blog Paul’s Block Party.