Second meeting of the FVMGQ October 21, 2010

Our second meeting held October 21, 2010 at Quilt Essentials with 23 members in attendance! We all sewed some funky mug rugs, and got a block challenge to make another mug rug with feature fabric supplied by Theresa. Check out the blog for more details! Feel free to send us your photos from the meeting and we’ll add them to the show!
You can see the slideshow larger here.


The second meeting of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild was held Thursday, October 21, 7-9pm at Quilt Essentials, Abbotsford. There was a great turnout, 23 members joined us to share and sew!

We had a fun show and tell and saw some amazing quilts and projects in process, you can check out the slide show here then got on with the sewing!
Theresa coordinated a Mug Rug sew-a-long, so everyone got a chance to make a fun project and everyone’s rugs were so different and unique! Thanks to Theresa for coordinating it and to those who shared their machines so everyone got a chance to sew!

After much laughter and sewing, “Out the door”prizes were awarded, a big huge thanks to everyone who donated a prize to the group!

Our first challenge was introduced, a fun Mug Rug with a feature fabric provided by Theresa and Quilt Essentials- big thank you! Everyone got a fun piece of fabric to use in a mug rug of their own design- the feature fabric must be used in the design in some way, any amount as long as it;s there and visible. Members participating are encouraged to be as creative as they want, have fun with it, and of course bring it to the next meeting for show & tell! (There may be a random prize draw for those who join in!)

Ideas for the next meeting were discussed, including a Scrappy Block sew-a-long to be coordinated by Lysa. More details will follow shortly.
Also, Cynthia mentioned a friend in Kenya who is opening an orphanage, called The Jean Petty Legacy Home, near Nairobi, who would love to have some quilts for the children they will be caring for. Their goal is to have children from infancy to young adulthood, and when the child leaves the orphanage, either by adoption or growing up, they will take their quilt they have been given with them as a reminder of their childhood. The orphanage also has a friend in Surrey who can coordinate shipping to Kenya at no cost to us! The possibility of creating a quilt (or 2!) with the scrappy blocks sounded like a great idea so this and any other quilt donations- crib size or similar size, are welcome. More details to come in regards (Cynthia & her company are creating a website for them and will post a link when it’s up and running for more info about them).

Also, a Nametag Challenge was introduced! Instead of using stickers, members are being challenged to make their own quilted nametag to wear- be as creative as you want, make it big and flamboyant or small and classic or a combination of anything in between- show us your style and who you are!

As a wrap up to the meeting, members were asked to help contribute ideas for future meetings, and a thread has been started here if you have any suggestions.
A group photo was taken and that concluded the meeting!

We’re looking forward to the next one- please RSVP via the site- date/event details will be posted shortly. If you have any questions or problems joining the site, please do let us know and we can help!

Also, feel free to post comments or start new discussions on the Forum page. To start a new thread/discussion/topic, click “Post message” on the right side of the screen.

We’re keeping online membership requests moderated- due to spam only. Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier! If you need help or don’t have internet access, please let us know and we can add you as a member to the site. We also have a Facebook group, linked via the main site, feel free to join & share with your friends!

On behalf of the group, we thank you for joining and participating, and look forward to our next meeting in November
Happy sewing!