Workshops with Barb Mortell-August 8th and 9th!

Brought back by popular demand Barb Mortell!

If you’d like to register please email Please note each class is $45 for FVMQG members unless you’d like to register for both, in which case it’s $80 for the two. Non members are welcome to register after July 8th. Each class will be $55 or $100 for both classes. We hope to see you there, it’s gonna be great!

DAY 1 Triangles, Diamonds, Value and Colour (Rulers rule!)-August 8th (Friday)
Time:  10am-4pm (set up for students at 9:30) 
Location:  Room TBA
University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Abbotsord Campus
33844 King Rd, Abbotsford

This workshop is a composition workshop, and a place to make experiments in colour and value. Each person will make their own unique patchwork, and perhaps work out a system that sustains the artist for many months or longer. I know I could work on triangles for a long long time without becoming bored of them, there are so many variations….
We’ll be learning a variety of traditional and speedy techniques for making triangles one at a time and in bulk, and there will be instruction in cutting and sewing different types of triangles and diamonds.
Once we have decided on a technique, we’ll move into colour and value studies with the idea that the studies, perhaps with some bending and twisting and stretching,  will all fit together to create a small quilt top.
The point is, with trials and experimentation, we will come away with a better understanding of Colour and Value, with the added benefit of trying out some new techniques.

DAY 2 Improvising with a Simple Shape, with Focus on Colour and Value (Shake off the ruler day!)- August 9th (Saturday)
Time:  10am-4pm (set up for students at 9:30) 
Location:  Room TBA
University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) Abbotsord Campus
33844 King Rd, Abbotsford,
This could easily be an extension of Day 1, or can be taken on its own.

We will decide on a simple shape, such as a triangle or diamond or ??? and play with scale as well as colour and value, with the aim of making a small composition. No real techniques taught here – just permission to free cut and lots of design help along the way.
If you were in Day 1, this is a great forum for carrying on with those experiments, or feel free to start fresh.Inspiration: There is not just “one way” to make these colourific triangular experiments into a quilt, actually the possibilities are endless. This is why I don’t want to give you a bunch of pictures of triangle quilts. The internet is full of triangle quilt images, feel free to look at them for inspiration, but keep an open mind. I have made a Pinterest board of random triangley images.

Fabrics needed for both classes are: Solid colours in many variations of white, grey, black, neutral tans, caramels, browns and add as many colours as you have, making certain to include a large range of lights, mediums and darks, with bright and muted versions. Fat quarters to one yard pieces are fine, and unexpected colour systems may be discovered!

Also needed; Note book or sketchbook and pencil, digital camera if you have one, Sewing machine, rotary cutting stuff, thread, seam ripper, design wall, etc

Barb Mortell lives and works in her studio in the forest on Denman Island. She has been bitten by the bug of improvisational machine piecing and loves to share what she has learned along the way. You can find more about her art on her blog (when she stops sewing long enough to make a post) at, barbmort on Instagram and