Annual General Meeting (Oct 2017)

The AGM started at 7:05 and adjourned at 7:12. The executive for the coming year:
· President – Laraine
· Vice President – Stacey
· Treasurer – Jean
· Communications Director – Hedda
· Membership Director – Barbara
· Program/Workshop Director – Christine

Programs Update – Christine and Joan
· We need a couple of volunteers from the Abbotsford area to help out with events.
· Next workshop is being taught by Colleen Bell on November 25: Using Excel for Quilt Design. $30 for the day. Sign up with Christine and Joan. This is a no-sewing workshop in a computer lab. Computers are provided but you are welcome to bring a laptop if you prefer.
· What else is coming up? We have the Christmas Party in December and the destash in January. November will feature several mini-trunk shows from our members.

Community Quilts – Kathryn
· Kathryn and Joanne are taking over Community Quilts.
· This month please take home a block package if you have a few minutes to make one block for the November meeting. (Update: They all disappeared. More packages next time please!)
· We are exploring different venues for quilt donations and we’re open to feedback if you have any suggestions about community quilts in general.

CreativFestival – Kathryn
· There are a few packages for the challenge left – please see Kathryn if you want one.
· Challenge projects are meant to be secret until they are unveiled! Please don’t post photos or share ideas!
· The booth is going to feature the work of Lysa and Sherri.
· We are going to need loads of modern quilts for the display.
· We’ll have lots of prizes for the challenge and display.

Swaps & Challenges – Jean
· We have a personal challenge from Montreal Modern Quilt Guild. They are challenging their members to take a traditional block and make it modern. This month’s block is the rail fence. It is a personal challenge but if you do try it out feel free to post the results! You can follow along with them on their Facebook group or their blog at

Modern Quilt Guild Charity Project – Stacey
· We have a group for this project on Facebook if you want more info. The project is a heart quilt made out of half-square triangles.
· There are swatches available and then participants pull fabric from their stash to use. The blocks are nice and big, very quick to make, and we only need one or two from each person participating.
· We will have a sew-in later in the year to put the top together, hopefully November or January.

Christmas is Coming – Carol
· Kate, Judy and Carol are planning the Christmas Party. A couple more people to work with the group would be very welcome.
· The focus for this meeting is fun!

Canadian Quilters Association Postcard Demo – Jean
· – click on the ‘Quilts Canada’ heading for more details. Theme is “Inspired by Nature”.
· You can send in as many as you like to be displayed and there are some great prizes.
· Postcards will be sold for $5 each after the show (so you don’t get them back) and the money raised is going to BC Children’s Hospital.
· Jean did a quick demo and showed an amazing variety of postcards incorporating different media. The possibilities are really endless!

Show & Tell
Special thank you to Sonya who takes the photos and posts them on Facebook! The inspiration we draw from each other is a wonderful thing.

June meeting recap

Hedda chaired the meeting this month and we started pretty promptly. We had 2 guests and 1 new member at this meeting.

Peg popped up to the front for a quick chat about the door prize and snack forms. She thinks only one got around last month, so she has asked for everyone to watch for two … but then we decided to wing it for a while and if you want to bring a door prize and/or snack, go ahead! There is no requirement and there will be no reminder. Just do what’s in your heart.

There was a stack of bags on the front table and MAN, WERE THEY AWESOME! Then the Bag Challenge participants walked around with their bags so we could get a closer look. Good job, everyone!

The donation fabric that we picked up from a grieving friend of a quilter was available for those who wanted some for making charity quilts. There’s a sign-out sheet, so hopefully you’ll bring something to show and tell and check your name off soon.

Andrew of the Focused Edge gave a presentation on sharp things. He took away a bunch of knives and scissors that members wanted sharpened and some have already picked those things up. They are sharp now.

Andrew said:

  • Keep your knives out of the dishwasher
  • Hide your sewing scissors from your family
  • Rust isn’t a sign of poor quality
  • Sewing machine oil works well on scissor pivots
  • A knife-sharpener-person can’t restore a serrated edge
  • Victorinox (Swiss) or Wusthof (German) are Andrew’s choice of knives

Our July meeting will be at the Heritage Park in Mission. We’ll have a potluck picnic in the shelter, which has no walls, but does have a roof and some posts to hold up the roof. The time is a little different – – we’ll meet from 6 to 9. Bring your show-and-tell!

In August, Terry Aske will be coming from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. She will have an art quilt and modern quilt trunk show.

September is our seventh anniversary. We need a committee for the party. Please speak up on Facebook if you want to get involved. We’ll have our elections in September and this meeting is closed to non-members. We’ll also be talking about the CreativeFestival. Interested in the Program position? After a couple years of awesomeness, Laura will be giving it up to travel more now that she’s retired. The Program position is very rewarding because everyone likes to do things and you’re the one who makes the things happen! The position could be filled by a single person or by a small team. There are things in the works up to next February or so, so you wouldn’t be under immediate pressure.

Sherri is collecting tickets for the cancelled Jacqui Gering show so if you have one, you can give it to her and she’ll get you a refund.

Carolyn won $42 for the 50/50!

We had a trunk sale. Members brought lovely stuff and sold it to other members. Such deals! It was fantastic and almost guilt-free.



May meeting recap

Welcome everyone! Helen (President) opened the meeting at ten after seven. Comfort quilt project (Helen) We are putting together a comfort quilt for a guild member whose son has been diagnosed with cancer. We are looking for 12.5 inch (unfinished) blocks consisting of an inner square or rectangle with cream borders of any width. Wonkiness […]

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April meeting recap

Hedda was covering for Helen as the meeting chair and she opened the meeting at 7:45. (A little later than usual because the venue had a conflict.) First up, we had the trunk show by Karlie McChesney. It was a fantastic display of numbers, art, origami inspiration and history of one person’s quilting. Then we […]

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